Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today I Tried to Swallow My Irritation.

Tony doesn't do family shopping trips very well.  I can't really blame him since Elle wants to be carried the whole time, Britt abhors shopping for more than 5 minutes and Ash will not stay with us. 
We have a camping trip/family reunion coming up and we needed to get gear (all we have is a tent) and food so I texted Tony this afternoon (when he was at work) and asked him if he wanted to run to Idaho Falls to get everything.  I thought he'd say no and was totally planning on going with a friend.
Surprisingly, he said yes.  It was a fun.  At first. 

Then Tony got grumpy and so I got irritated.  Surely this sounds familiar to you, right?  The roles have totally been reversed for us.  There are plenty of times when I've gotten crabby and then Tony loses his patience with my bad attitude.  Haha!

So, anyways, I realized that I was basically fighting a frown with a frown and, seriously, when does that EVER work? 

I had to talk myself down and force myself to stop reacting and then things just magically smoothed out and Tony got happy again.
Not that it's always that easy, but sometimes it just works out that way.

Those of you who have a spouse, or are in a relationship - what do you do when the love of your life is being grouchy?  Do you find it easy to just balance things out?  Do you take it personally and snap at them?  If you've got a trick for lifting his/her mood, spill the beans!  I would love a couple more ideas to utilize.

And even though she doesn't have much to do with the topic, here is my sweet, chubby Elle. 

She weighs 16 pounds.  And likes to say, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  very loudly.  Haha.


My Journey With Candida said...

My Hubs is usually the shopper here, but then we don't have little ones running about. Elle has such beautiful eyes... takes after her Mommy.

Amy said...

Yes, I have to agree Elle's eyes just sparkle. So cute!

Tricks? Uh... just bite my tongue I guess.
Or the trick that works and that I always forget to use is to pray first. How do I react to this situation? What do I say and how do I say it? Do I say nothing? Let it go?
And then let the Lord guide me from there. Sometimes it's better to just be silent. Sometimes I need to step up my game. Sometimes I need to ask the husband nicely to step up his.
It's hard, especially when one or both of you is grouchy.

Becky said...

When will shops we get way too many impulse things. But when he gets flustered usuually i just need to listen to him vent and he is ok. Otherwise it is usually because he is tired or hungry. So if I solve those things usually things go ok. But we are both straight forward so that helps. Dont get me wrng usually we have small fight before we figurethings out but afterward everything is ok.

Rachel said...

Luckily when either Scott or I am grumpy, its because he is hungry or I am tired. So I make him eat when he is grumpy, and he sends me to bed for a nap. =] It works wonders for us. However, there are times when we are grumpy for no reason and we just have to be patient with each other. That doesn't happen very often, though.

alissa apel said...

Often times I find myself saying, "Go work on sculpture. I'll finish this up." If we're out and about sometimes we both decide it's best to split up. Not because we don't like each other. Just because Mica goes fast, Isaak is SLOW. Both pick on each other. One child goes with me; the other one goes with Daddy.

mun said...

Usually it is me who is the snappy, grouchy one and my spouse will tell me gently that he doesn't deserve to be treated that way and I will try to "fix" myself.

I have always love Elle's eyes when I first saw her photo. Now I notice her cute chin too!

NovOrganizam said...

We just bark at each other, and than it stops. We stop. We never quarrelled before we became parents, and now it happens often, and it goes out quickly. Just share one beer :D

NovOrganizam said...

In your case, 3 beers.