Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today I Was Frightened.

One of my friends texted me today to see if the girls and I wanted to go to the splash park.  I thought it would be something Ash would really enjoy (and Britt would not) and it's on our summertime bucket list, so I agreed to meet her and her little girls (close to Ash's and Britt's ages) over there after I dropped Tony at school (we're a one car family).

(the splash park)

I was right, Ash loved the splash park (and britt did not), once she got over her initial 3 minutes of being overwhelmed by the hugeness of it all.  **laugh**  She ran around, squealing, laughing, running through sprinklers and going down the little slide (and more) with her friend. 

(ash, sitting in one of the fountains)

Britt, walked around getting her feet wet for a bit, then wanted snacks and was done with the water.  And even though I was wearing Elle in the front pack, I grabbed Britt's hand and ran her through a couple of the little fountains.  She giggled a little at first, but then got mad at me.  She gets angry so easily!  I hope she grows out of it....

(sooooo not a fish!)

Ok, now the part where I thought I was gonna swallow my heart because it was definitely in my throat for a bit!  See the picture (below) of the big, yellow slide?  It's for bigger kids. 

(big, yellow slide)

Most of the children I saw going down it were around 8 and up.  NOT 3.5 years!  At one point, Ash decided she was going down it.  Only she didn't tell me, and when I saw where she was headed I tried to yell at her to stop (because I just knew she'd come down into the deeper water at the bottom and face first and drown) but she couldn't hear me over the loud water and kids.  I couldn't really get close because I had Elle strapped to my chest and she didn't appreciate the spray she got as it was.  I ran to find my friend so she could save my soon-to-be-drowning child and turned around to see Ash come out the bottom of the slide, right side up, splashing in chest deep water and grinning from ear to ear.  She loved it!  I thought I was going to pass out from the adrenalin rush that was followed by very sudden relief.  Sheesh.  Why do my kids insist on scaring me like that?  At least they don't make it a common habit. 

(my big girl at the bottom of the big slide)

All in all, it was a fun outing.  We ended our time at the park by petting some kittens a lady was trying to give away for free.  They were so cute and I would have loved to take the orange one, but we can't have pets in our house (renting) and I'm so not up for more than one baby at a time (human OR animal)!  Hope I'm not jinxing myself by typing that.....

(this is what britt did most of the time: hung out wrapped in a towel she didn't need, just being cozy, not complaining, but not being very excited either.)

Any thoughts for how I might encourage Britt to enjoy playing in the water a little bit more?


alissa apel said...

My boys have generally always loved the water.

Mica 2 years ago went down water slides at the Great Wolf Lodge. He was 4. It scared me. Then Daddy wanted to see if Isaak would go down them. He was 2! They wouldn't let us go with him. I was freaking out. They said, "Kids his age do it all the time and love it!" I'm like, "I don't know!" I said, "Fine as long as I'm up here and Travis is at the bottom!" Well he screamed the whole time!!! :( No more of that! He was wearing a life jacket and there was no pool down at the bottom. But there was a HUGE dark tunnel and one scared little baby! :( I should have gone with my instincts.

Now Isaak wants to do whatever Mica is doing. That's not always the best thing!

Mica's a risk taker. He went on those flying swings in Chicago. I was praying both boys were going to be too short to ride on them! They were begging me. Daddy said, "Oh just let them chicken!" -talking to me. Isaak was too short. YAY! Mica wasn't. I was waiting for him to cry. He was laughing and smiling the whole time!

I think some kids and adults are just more risky then others. I can't stand roller coasters and stuff like that!

I think it helps when mom and dad can go with them on rides and in water if possible! Try and get your own slip n' slide maybe. Do it with your kids.

MommyMert said...

I say just let her be... encourage a bit but dont push. You dont want her to be scared and she will come around when she is ready. That park looks AWESOME! Where is that?

Amy said...

How fun! We've got lots of splash pads and water parks out here. The only problem is it's TOO hot in the middle of the day. Seriously, you can get second degree sunburns from this kind of sunlight.
I usually hang around the pool up until 9 am or after four pm. Getting a nice tan. :)
Scary day too! Glad Ash was okay and having a ball!

mun said...

Ash is really brave to go up the big, big yellow slide. Sorry, can't help you there as I am not keen to play in water too.

What I Did Today said...

MommyMert - it's in Rexburg, at Porter Park.