Monday, June 18, 2012

Today I Started Unpacking.

(love this girl)

Tony got some good shots with his new camera the past couple days so I'm going to pepper this post with them.  We had a mini vacation this past weekend.  It's what Tony wanted to do for Father's Day. 

(sweet baby elle)

My paternal grandparents invited us to their house for a family dinner on Sunday.  Tony told me to ask them if we could stay at their house Friday and Saturday night so we could see his grandparents and brother on Saturday.  My grandparents are cool and said yes.  They are about 2.5 hours south of us.  I love having sleep overs at their house because we always stay up late playing games.  They are seriously a hoot. 

(beautiful britt)

We got to visit Tony's paternal grandparents and they made such a big deal out of the girls, it was sweet.  We didn't get to visit Tony's bro because they were super busy, but we'll see them next time.

(intense gaze)

We have sooooo many friends and family in Utah.  We did visit my brother and his little family and then went out to dinner with them.  That was fun too. 

(ash, coolin' down)

It was such an enjoyable mini trip, though the drive home was awful, thanks to Britt and Elle.  Ash was determined to stay at my grandparents' house.  She calls them "Bonka and Bonka."  It's pretty funny.  She absolutely adores them. 

(doorknob britt)

Today I tried things light since our routine is a bit out of whack.  And then, of course I unpacked our duffle bags a little bit.  :)  I hate unpacking even more than I detest packing! 

(me, lookin' at my man)


My Journey With Candida said...

I too HATE unpacking, just detest it.

Elle is sure growing like a weed isn't she? And, I can see where your girls get their cuteness. You are adoreable too!

Amy said...

You and your girls are so gorgeous! Love these pics.

I hate unpacking too. Ugh.

MommyMert said...

Well... Hello there beautiful!

Saimi said...

It's so obvious where your girls get their BEAUTIFUL looks!!

All of you are so darling!

alissa apel said...

Great shots! I see so much of you in Ash!

mun said...

Your girls are all so cute in their own way (Elle with her lovely eyes and Britt with her cute nose) and Ash really, really looks like you, with her sweet smile, so very pretty!