Friday, June 8, 2012

Today I'm Planning Our Fun for the Summer.

Everyone is doing bucket lists for the summer!  Not one to sit around being left out of the good times, I've come up with my own.  Probably not anything new, but maybe you can get some ideas and also hold me accountable.  Let me know which ones you really want to see us do so I make sure to post those pics.  At first I was going to do a specific kind of activity for each day of the week, but that's waaaaaaaaay too organized for me.  It's all about being spontaneous on this blog, right?  I'll enjoy it more if it's not too pre-planned. 

What I am going to do is print out each of these pics (they're mostly stock photos), paste them to a certain color (see color code list below) piece of paper, and write the activity on the back.  Then I'm throwing all these little paper cards into a sand bucket and will let the girls take turns choosing a card.  When we've done each activity, we're hanging the card up in the playroom for instant wall decor!

Card Color Coding ~

Red = Outdoor/Nature Activities
Orange = Field Trip/Vacation
Yellow = Cooking/Food
Green = Local Outings
Blue = Educational Activities
Purple = Arts & Crafts
Pink = Indoor Activities (for the inevitable rainy day)

Our Summertime Bucket List:

(work with acrylic paints on the used canvas i picked up at the thrift store. hang finished works of art in the play room)

(go to lagoon, an amusement park.  anybody else want to go with?)

(have fun with baking soda and colored vinegar.  source.)

(play balloon tennis.)

(make homemade bathtub puffy paints. source

(go to bear world.)

(play beauty parlor.)

(make personalized book bags and join the library's summer reading program.)

(go bowling.)

(make homemade bubbles and blowers)

(go camping.  wanna join us?)

(make something fun out of cardboard boxes.)

(go for a carousel ride at the park.)

(catch and observe bugs)

(go to the circus)

(make and eat cookie dough right out of the bowl!)

(daddy-daughter date days)

(have a fairy party)

(go fishing.)

(let's go fly a kite!)

(give each of the girls a couple dollars and take them to some garage sales.)

(make glow-in-the-dark slime. source.)

(go hiking.)

(eat ice cream of our own making.)

(create ice art.)

(paint with ice cubes.)

(have an indoor picnic.)

(attend the legacy airshow at the small, local airport.)

(see all three madagascar movies. source.)

(make puzzles.)

(make sponge balls to play with in the pool.)

(make suncatchers.  source.)

 (play mini golf.)

(let the girls pick out a dvd or two at the rental store and have a movie night.)

(make and enjoy orange cream soda floats.)

(paint rocks.)

(have pillow case races.)

(let the kids decorate their own pizza bagels.  source.)

(plant a little herb garden.)

(stay up late and play in the dark.)

(do somersaults, dance, sing, and play in the rain.  source.)

(go back to Seattle for a visit.)

(do salt painting.)

(acquire a sand & water table. source.)

(go to the sand dunes.)

(play games with sidewalk chalk.)

(make silly putty.  source.)

(make smoothies.)
(make s'mores.)

(go get snow cones.)

(make sock dolls out of all the mate-less socks we own.)

(go play at the splash park.)

(have a tea party.)

(go walk around the grounds at the Templesource.)

(make tin types.)

(make as many different toys out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls as we can!)

(i don't really like filling water balloons but we've gotta play with them at least once this summer!)

(go to the water park.)

(paint with watercolors.)

(go to the zoo.)

Whew!  That's it!  I don't know if we'll actually do everything on this list, but we're sure going to have fun trying!


Amy said...

Wow~ quite the list! I hope you get most, if not all those things crossed off because they just look like too much fun!

I'm not jumping on the summer bucket list bandwagon. Bret is in clinic all summer and I'm, well, not that mobile.
Bring home a healthy baby. That's my summer bucket list!

Rachel said...

We would join you at Lagoon! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been inspired by you! and Wow... I'm walking down memory lane. Now that we're here, we're missing there. :) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I've been inspired by you! and Wow... I'm walking down memory lane. Now that we're here, we're missing there. :) Have fun!

My Journey With Candida said...

Whoo Hoooo... sounds like a fun filled summer. I want to go to bear world and also play with the puffy paints.

Annmarie Pipa said...

wow...the pictures are fabulous!! good luck to you...have fun!!

mun said...

Wow, what a long list of fun! Lucky girls to have you for their mom!

Emily Peck said...

This is SUCH a great list! I love that you always have fun kids activities (that I'm totally gonna do and copy) haha. I grew up going to Lagoon since part of my family lives in Utah...I LOVE it there!

alissa apel said...

That's a huge list. I got a lot of my wants done in Chicago. It was fun!

Faith said...

Wow! What a great list! Your girls are going to have a fun and busy summer!

Anonymous said...

I've been too lazy to make a summer fun list. Is that bad? I can't even believe next week is summer. I also need to start figuring out what we are doing for the boys birthdays this summer. I'm going to start jotting some notes down from your list. Thanks for making it so much easier for me.