Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today I Added a Little Poll.

It's right there on the top, left hand side of my blog. 

Just because I'm curious. 

And because I felt like adding a poll. 

Blogger teased me with the option of letting you vote more than once, but will not allow me to check that darn, little box.  So, you'll have to leave your other votes in the comments!  :)

I think.

And some unrelated, but adorable pics of my oldest girls.





My Journey With Candida said...

Looks like they are having a great time there.

KBoo said...

I could only vote once. When I voted a second time it took my vote from the kids and placed it in the crafts. So I put it back.

Amy said...

I'll vote only because I like it when people vote on my blog. But I think you're doing good just the way you are. :)

mun said...

Voted and will vote here again - I vote for more cute photos of your whole family - just like the ones in this post. I just love, love, love the amount of green and the vast amount of space in your photos above.

May I know what buildings are those two shown in the photos?

What I Did Today said...

@ mun - Those buildings are historical barns located at the park called Fort Steilacoom Park. It's at Lakewood, Washington. A nice place!

alissa apel said...

I think seeing a balance of all the above is nice. I voted to see more of your cute fam though.

mun said...

Thanks Jamie! It is a lovely park. I hope to be able to visit Fort Steilacoom Park one day after I retire.