Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today I'm Going to Gripe.

I'm in such a bad mood. 

Tony came down with something last night and is sick to his stomach, dizzy and coughing like crazy today.  So he's in bed and our plans for this week are pretty much ruined.  Can't really get your money's worth out of a CityPASS in a day or two. 

Maybe I should be optimistic about it, but his sicknesses with a cough never run short.

I keep feeling so picked on and then guilty because some families have a husband who can't afford to take time off from work.  Some kids have a daddy who can't ever get out of bed.  Some wives have lost their husbands.

And I'm boo-hooing because Hubby is sick during our vacation???

It looks like Britt is coming down with it too. 

I'm gonna hope that we have some fun Seattle pics to post later on this week.

But, it looks like not, as of right now. 

Guess I'll go catch up on laundry.


I actually feel a tad better, just writing about it and having a source for venting. 

Thank you for listening, bloggy friends.  :)


Amy said...

Anytime you need to vent, we're here for ya. Having a fun vaycay get ruined just plain sucks. You have every right to complain! I hope hubby gets better real quick so u can still have your fun week after all.

Myrnie said...

Boo for germs!! Hope you guys get better soon and can have some fun this week!

MommyMert said...

Been there... it stinks the big fat one! Hope you get to have a little fun. Loves**

Faith said...

awww, that stinks. i would be upset too ... hopefully he gets better soon that way you all can enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Saimi said...

Man bad timing huh! I hope what he has won't last long and you'll be able to enjoy some vacay fun!

Mrs. K said...

I'm all ears. Hope things get better soon. :)

toi said...

We are here for you, sometimes it is good to let it you. I hope Tony gets well very soon. I am sure you will still have some fun this week, be hopeful.

alissa4illustration said...

Boo! We had plans to go to CO this summer. But...with my sister due in the middle of June with a sick baby, well we just can't go. It does suck! Boo for sickness!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Sorry to hear your plans got ruined. You were really excited in your previous post!
Here's hoping your hubby will get better soon, and that the sickness won't go around on each one of you, and that some good will come out of this!
Stay cool!

Vicky said...

Man flu is the worst.
Hope everyone feels better soon and you get to enjoy some of your vacation. x

Stephanie Faris said...

Eeeek. So sorry about that. I know how men can be when they're sick. Sometimes worse than kids!

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Hope he feels better so you can get out and enjoy!!!!