Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today I Made Pancakes.

I haven't given my kids anything more than eggs, cold or hot cereal, and fruit for breakfast in a loooooooooooong time.  Today I got up early and made them pancakes and chicken apple sausages.  It was all really good.  I sampled some for myself before I gave them some.  Totally loved the pancake recipe I tried!  It calls for buttermilk, but of course I replaced it with homemade rice drink instead.  Fluffy, syrupy bliss was the result. 

Guess what?

The girls ate two bites of pancake, five bites of sausage and then just wanted saltine crackers.  They were so unimpressed with my special efforts. 


I'm pretty sure they are coming down with whatever Tony had last week.

Flippin' the Hotcakes

Like my apron?  It totally saved my clothes while cooking the sausage.  My bloggy friend, Elizabeth is having a giveaway for a darling apron over at her space, Home Musings.  Hurry over there to enter because it ends today! 


alissa4illustration said...

I love pancakes and waffles on Saturday mornings. I try and make them healthier then the box kind. My waffles have bananas and whole wheat flour in them. I even add in flax seed. My husband complained that I make too healthy of a breakfast. He calls them "Nature Waffles". The boy's and I LOVE them.

toi said...

Those look wow, what a great work of art :).

Myrnie said...

Well, you look cute anyways :) (I actually did it tonight: I told my oldest I hope that when SHE was a mom, she had daughters who refused to eat anything she cooked. So there.)

Vicky said...

I love pancakes and make them most weekends... not for the kids, for me!
Loving your domestic goddess look.

Amy said...

Yummness. Now you got me wanting pancakes! And chicken apple sausage? Holy crap that sounds so good. Where do you get those??

Elizabeth said...

Yum, are you sharing??? :)

You won the Giveaway! Now I need your addy. You can email me at


Mrs. K said...

looks good. i love pancakes. send the leftovers my way. and yes, cuuute apron :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy Yummy. I love pancakes. My husband makes it every sunday morning and he makes extra so I can eat it in the week too.

Redbabe said...

It's almost 11am over here. Those pancakes makes me hungry. :(