Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today I'm Following Up On Some Posts of the Past.

I realized, from some of the comments that have been left, that I'm not so great at letting everyone know the follow up story of some of my posts.  So - this is where I play catch up, so to speak. 

Britt is weaned.  Life is good.  Not that I don't miss the awesome bonding time and the closeness, because I do.  But I love the freedom of just giving her a bottle and letting her do her thing while I do mine.  It's great.  And she looooooves her bottle now.  :)  Big plus:  she sleeps through the night for the most part.  Can I getta WOOHOO!!  I did like the bigger boobs.  Not gonna lie.  It's nice to have something with which to fill out the bust of your shirt.

Bottle Baby

FB sales?  Not my thing.  I'm gonna keep it up for the items the consignment stores won't take, but I'm not gonna be putting a whole lot of effort into it anymore.  I tried it.  I can now move on to something else.  :)   

I have two new siblings.  They are doing well.  They don't have actual birth dates (something that isn't very important to a lot of Ethiopians), but their doctor places them at about 6 years old, based on their teeth.  The new brother seems to know a bit more English than than the new sister, but she's a bit more ahead inter personally.  It usually takes the new kids about 3 months to settle in, get comfortable, speak enough English to be understood, and feel like they're home.   

(the only pic I have of the two - i promise better ones in the future)

I have kept all the book suggestions each of you gave me and will be slowly working my way through them.  Thanks a million!  I've started with the first book in the Hunger Games series.  So far it is intriguing and slightly disturbing. 

Not only is Brianna's Red Wine Vinaigrette divine, Brianna's Asiago Caesar Dressing is too.  I pour it on top of cooked whole wheat pasta and canned salmon with steamed broccoli.  Yumyumyumyumyumyumyumyumyum.

Sooooo......gardening.  I planted arugula and Molly planted spinach.  And currently it is raining hard enough for me to stand outside and wash my hair.  Hope those little seeds hang in there. 

My little brother's ocean cake was really fun to put together and as you can see, turned out pretty cute.  :D

(the chocolate rocks were really good)

Ash woke up this morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Not even a hint of the fever!  Something worked - prayers, wet socks treatment, chicken noodle soup, sleep, or all of the above.  I'm just grateful it was nothing serious.  Thanks for all the concern and well wishes.

And that ought to make us all caught up!  :)   


Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Brit sleeps through the night? I am so jealous!
You new siblings look great and healthy.
I loved how your ocean cake turned out. It looks like it's made by a pro! You must be a pro!

Amy said...

Yay, yay, and yay! Your new siblings are beautiful, quality of picture doesn't matter. And I'm SO glad the TLC worked for Ash's fever!

alissa4illustration said...

Thanks for the updates. Your siblings are cute! Your cake looks yummy! Pass some of that wellness our way. LOL

KBoo said...

Ooooh, you think the Hunger Games is disturbing NOW, just wait till the end. Dang, that book is so stressful! Well written though, not going to lie. I read it in a day.

Kerry McCullough said...

Sounds like a lot has been going on! Enjoy all of it-- and that cake is so fun :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, beautiful kids, and such a lovely cake.

Vicky said...

The cake looked great.
I think we all miss the boobs... It's the only reason I keep getting pregnant, so that I can keep an generous clevage! LOL!