Monday, July 26, 2010

Today I Changed Diapers.

I've changed several diapers everyday for 20 months now.  That's 603 days of diapering, if I'm doing my math right.  Whoa. 

Happy girl!

We recently figured out that Ash is allergic to chlorine and SAP in diapers.  Those jelly crystals in disposables are called Super Absorbent Polymer.  Or SAP.  They give her eczema.  When I started using the Tushies brand diapers (no chlorine or SAP), her itchy diaper rash cleared up.  My married sister has three babies and has been cloth diapering for a while.  She referred me to an inexpensive brand called Nubunz.  It's like Bum Genius.  I love it!  So easy!  Not like the cloth diapers I remember trying to maneuver when my 21 year old brother was a baby! 

Modeling the Nubunz diaper

Now we just have to figure out what foods are causing the major bum burnings.  I suspect soy and dairy products, but we haven't ruled out corn, berries, and couple other items.  I also found an awesome post at Homemakers Cottage blog on natural ways of treating eczema.  Go here if you are interested. 

Thanks for all the new followers!  The winner of the Sleep Lavender Chamomile Aromatherapy Body Wash is Joann who said, "I have RLS also, but for me its when Im traveling and i feel like an idiot shaking my leg around in the car!" 

Thank you to everyone who commented!  Loved reading all of them.

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the Spartan said...

So, how is the change from disposable to cloth? I have a 14 month old and I have been considering the change... Precious baby girl!