Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today I Tracked A Lot Of Sand Into My House.

Photo by jeffwilcox

And so did Ash.  I grabbed one of my sisters and we went to the beach with the babies.  I took a bunch of pictures with my phone, but unfortunately I can't find the wire that connects my phone to the computer.  **bummed**  If I find it anytime soon I will be adding some pics to this post.  But, Flikr will have to help me out for now.  :)  Britt and I sat on a blanket and I soaked up some Vitamin D while Britt sat in the shade of her carseat.  My sister and Ash went wading.  We were there for almost TWO hours!!!  I have no idea where the time went.  But it was really nice and peaceful.  What do you do to relax and cool down during the summer heat?

UPDATE:  So, my hubby found the box my phone came in, but no wires.  Come to find out I have to e-mail the pictures to myself!  Durrrrrrrr.  So, here they are!  Couldn't get a close-up of Kate.  She would've put up a fight.  :)

Ash finding treasures in the sand.

Britt keeping cool in the shade.  The ONLY shade at the beach.

Britt Britt and I.

Kate and Ash making sand....piles.

If you look very closely you can see my sister and my daughter.  They are in there.  Promise.  Haha!

Happy Mama.  We're going to do this again.  Soon.


MommyMert said...

Seriously... I couldnt be more envious right now. We hung in our backdoor pool yesterday eating popsicles. ;)

Jenny Bolech said...

Oh I'm jealous! I wish I still lived close enough to the beach to just pick up and go! For now this displaced Floridian will have to settle for relaxing on the shady back porch :)