Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today (like most days) I Was Spit Up On By Britt.

I wear it like a badge at this point.  I mean, it's a losing battle for two reasons.  A) Britt barfs all the time!  B) I cannot ever remember to have a cloth handy nearby.  Today was really bad.  It just kept coming up and coming up and coming up and coming up and coming up and you get the picture.  :)  It was after each and every feeding.  **sigh**

(please excuse the mess in the background. that's the pile of items without a place.  yet.  this was taken 2 months ago.)

Today I ran some errands.  One of my stops included the mall to make some returns.  It was only going to be a quick run in and out.  So, I grabbed Britt (Ash was at my mother's), my purse and my returns.  That's it.  Big mistake.  Once I got into the store, Britt-Britt REALLY let me have it.  She dumped an enormous amount of her lunch on the floor in Old Navy.  And I didn't have a cloth (again).  It was borderline embarrassing.  Luckily a helpful worker (who wasn't even on the clock) gave me a huge wad of paper towels.  :) 

You'd think I'd learn.  She did the same thing all over the velvet couch at church about a month ago.  Gross. 

And yet, somehow, this child continues to gain weight.  Lots of weight.  Don't ask me how she does it.  :)

(she's got three rolls at the top of each thigh.  she's a chunker.  despite all that spit-up!  I'm impressed.  this was taken 3 weeks ago.)


jc said...

Oh my gosh, Madam Butterfly? Spitting is her natural way of getting back at adults, in general, lol! Well done, sweetie! Sorry mom!

Heather said...

Sorry about the spitting up, but she is so adorable. Even with the spit up on her cute little chin.