Friday, July 2, 2010

Today I Was Thinking About Twilight: Eclipse.

Hubby and I went to see Eclipse Wednesday night.  It was fun to have a mid week date!  I liked the movie and all, but I think New Moon is still the best of the three.  So, now I'm curious to know what team YOU are on.  I read the books and pretty much found myself pulling towards Team Jacob.  The whole time I was reading Eclipse I was thinking, "Choose life Bells!  Choose little brown babies!  Choose the one who can keep you warm!  Stupid Bella."  Then in Breaking Dawn Jacob's character gets even more interesting. So, I'd pretty much chosen a side.  And the first two movies helped that because #1 - Pattinson isn't all that great looking. #2 - Lautner is. Shallow. I know. **shrug** But then Eclipse comes out and....Edward is actually handsome!  And Jacob is looking more like (gasp!) a little boy.  So, now I'm kinda torn.

P.S. I added a fun little poll on the side bar.  :)  Place your vote!


Kelsey Kim said...

Wow, how'd you get your hubby to go see that? I could not pull that off even if I had a gun to his head!I saw it last night, and the level headed person in me says the obvious choice is Jacob. The romantic exciting part says Edward. I'm not a fan of Robert pattinson or Kristen Stewart, but the movie was okay anyways!

What I Did Today said...

Actually, I got Twilight on cd so we could listen to it in the car, whenever we were together, and then he decided to just read the books himself since it was faster. :) My little plan worked! He only liked the last two books though. He powered through the first two because he really wanted to know if Bella became a vampire. Haha!