Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today I'm Feeling Like Time Flies.

I feel like most days are short anyways because by the time the girls are in bed and asleep it's pushing 9pm.  Then it's me time and hubby time and we don't usually go to bed until 11.  Okay, more like midnight!  And then I sleep until Ash wakes me up.  Which isn't until 9am.  That doesn't include the several times that Britt wakes me up so she can eat.  But those don't count because I'm not fully awake. 

So, yeah.  I wake up when Ash starts getting bored with playing in her bed (she is REALLY good about playing little games in her crib for a looooong time).  Today she didn't start yelling until 10:30!  Yuck.  What a waste of the morning.  Set my alarm clock, you say?  Well, I do and I did, but just like I'm really good at nursing babies in my sleep, I'm just as talented at turning off alarm clocks.  :)

That doesn't leave me with as much waking time as I'd like, but I make do.  And here we are.  Another day completely flown by.  Then I started looking at all the pics we have of Ash and I realize that she's really NOT baby-ish at all anymore.  But, I swear last time I looked she was!!!  Aaaaaaaaaa!  Somebody stop the clock!  Next thing I know Britt will be running around on two legs and throwing tantrums and putting on her own shoes.  Yikes! 

This is Ash now: 

A big 20 month old.  Sheesh.  (Her face is ghostly white because of sunscreen and her belly red from the scratchy sand)

This is Ash exactly one year ago.  8 months old.   What happened?!?!?

Such a stinkin' cute baby!!!! 

And this is Ash TWO years ago. 

Yeah. She's that bump called mah belly.  I was 5 months along.

Amazing.  Cool.  And sad.  I've got to do a better job of savoring each and every moment because each day is the only one of THAT DAY I get to experience.  Once it passes, it's over.  And man!  They pass fast!


Rachel said...

I totally agree. I look at Andrew, who will be two next month, and I can't help but wonder where my little baby went. Sometimes I wish time would just slow down!

Jaime Leigh said...

It is hard to savor all those wonderful memories, because time does seem to fly. My oldest is going into the 3rd grade this year...I like ooo man time has flown by...even the summer seems to be passing to quickly for my taste....So here is to doing are best to soak up memories with our kids and families...

I really enjoyed the little time line here on your blog what a great idea!!! What a beautiful little girl you have!!!

Marty and Jenny said...

I know what you mean!

Marty and Jenny said...

I know what you mean!