Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today I Made a Boring Dinner.

I made fried rice.  In the past I've used leftover meat to jazz it up and eggs and frozen veggies.  Lately I've been trying to prepare less meaty meals and eat more vegetarian.  So, I ended up with a really boring dish.  Fried rice with black beans, peas, garlic salt, and a dash of teriyaki sauce and soy sauce. 

In fact, it was such a dull meal I ended up going to the store to get the ingredients for a caprese salad after seeing a recipe for it over at The Stories of A to Z.  I ate a lot of it. 

Then I ate this. 

I know.  Bad Jamie!  **smacking my own hand**  BUT!  It's hard to feel full when your taste buds never got satisfied by something yummy. 

So, tell me, dearest readers, what should I do next time to make fried rice more fun????


The Crandall Clan said...

Hey girly, Ok so I use the fried rice powder packet from the store, chop up chicken, add 3 scrambled eggs and frozen peas. I know not so vegetatian but it sure tastes good. :)

Brenda Watt said...

Some ideas to make it more interesting: try adding fresh grated ginger and a some freshly crushed or minced garlic; use a bit of seasame seed oil; also a touch of some sort of fresh citrus like lime, lemon, or even grapefruit will add some interesting flavor; add crushed pineapple; toss in some chopped cilantro to the finished dish. Your girls are growing entirely too quickly, but they are gorgeous, like their parents!