Friday, July 9, 2010

Today I Went To My Mom's.

I go to my Mom's house a lot.  We live, like, two minutes away!  We did this on purpose because I have three teen sisters and a mom who all love me, my husband, and our babies.  And we love them back, of course.  So, it's been VERY wonderful to be near them while being pregnant with Britt and since her birth.  Life would've been on the dire side of things if we lived somewhere else, I think. 

Anyways, I digress.  Oh, I should probably issue a warning at this point.  I'm going to share poop stories.  So, if you find such things crass and in poor taste, please forgive me and skip the rest of this post.  :) 

The girls and I went to my mom's and hung out for a few hours.  I let Ash run around sans clothing or diapers because it's good for her little bum area to breathe.  Plus the parents have hardwood floors.  I have renter's carpet.  Ash had been running around naked for about 45 minutes when what I'm about to relate took place.

I was in the living room chatting with Mom when Kate came in and said: "Molly was sweeping and just swept a strange, unidentified, brown object."  Then she grinned.

Rachel, who was putting a diaper on my oldest looked up.

Molly came in and said: "I thought it was a leaf.  But it's not." 

I said: "Rachel, does Ash have poop on her butt?"

Rach said:  "A little."


Mystery solved. 

Speaking of poop.  I've had a lot of experience with little kids and their poo.  :)  The stuff really doesn't scare me and I'm not too squeamish about it at this point.  I mean, come on.  I'm the oldest of 18.  Out of my 17 siblings I've changed 6 of their diapers.  MANY diapers. 

My brother Daniel went through a lovely phase where he'd poop at nap time (in his room), take his diaper off, and paint the walls. 


I have no idea how many times I scrubbed poop off of Daniel's bedroom walls before Mom started duct taping around the tabs on his diaper so he couldn't get into the poo anymore.  

Both of my kids have pooped on me.  

Poop happens.  

And I think it's funny.

This is Ash (over a year ago) after her first blowout.  :)  First of MANY.

P.S.  I have so many siblings because my mom and dad have adopted 8 children in the past 6 years.  Yes, my parents are amazing.  :)


Andrew and Meagan said...

great story and cute blog...i can't remember how i found you but i had a great time looking around. :) i especially feel inspired to melt some crayons- looks so fun!

Heather said...

Your parents are amazing people!

Oh, and the blowouts.... we are currently past that (thank God) and onto the sticking our hands in poopy diaper phase. Then chasing the other two sisters around while waving the poopy hand. My four year old calls it the poopy hand game. Ick.

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Thanks so much for linking up to my pity party. Poop stories never get old!