Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today I Solved A Little Problem.

Before I get to the main point, a little history.  Ok, not so much history.  More like current events. 

So, when I'm pregnant I basically acquire Rapunzel strength hair.  I barely lose anything.

Until about 3 months after I have my baby. 

Then, it goes into hyper drive and makes up for the 9 months of accumulation.  It happened after the birth of Ash.  And it's been going on (again) for about a month.  I even got all my hair chopped off, thinking there would be less mess.  Got that wrong.

See this cute baby in the tub?  Love her.   Now look again.  See that water in the tub?  Well, that's what happens every time anyone takes a shower or runs the water.  Because of the afore mentioned shedding.  **sigh**

Now I could have gone out and bought some Drano, but I figured that I could save some bucks by trying some good old-fashioned housewife staples first.



It had to sit forever, but I love this stuff.  Who needs any other cleaner?  I use baking soda to brightened my kitchen sink and white vinegar is THE BEST for getting musty smells out of the laundry that is forgotten in the washing machine for too long. 

So there you have it.  Problem solved.  No more bathing my feet when all I want is a shower.  :)


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I have the same shedding problem. Hair in our shower completely freaks our oldest daughter out. She will not enter the shower if there is hair in

Anyway, baking soda and vinegar is awesome at unclogging a drain. We use it in our household as well. And it is so much safer than draino. I think I blogged about this too, a while back though.

Marla said...

Me too!! I thought that maybe my hair wouldn't fall out after this pregnancy....but at about 5 months postpartum it happened!!

I never knew about baking soda and vinegar! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try out this white vinegar trick for getting the musty smell out of my clothes. Lately it seems I've been a bit forgetful about putting clothes in the dryer ASAP... And re-washing the forgotten clothes still never shakes that smell. So vinegar it is! Thanks Jamie!

Carrie K said...

ooo good to know!!! I have a similar issue with my hair...

Annie Kate said...

I love using vinegar and baking soda for simple household problems!

And, yes, I lost hair after each of my 5 babies. It'll grow back, though, don't worry. LOL

Thanks for linking up to my Tightwad Tuesday meme.

Annie Kate