Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today I'm Packing.

We're going camping! 
We're going to the foot of the Unitas and we're meeting up with my paternal grandparents, my dad & two of my still-at-home siblings, and two of my married sibs & their families (the ones that live in completely different states).
I'm super-dee-duper EXCITED! 
I didn't think that Hubster would be able to get the rest of the week off, but he is!!!!!!!!!! 
So, here's my I'm-so-stinkin'-happy-I-could-squeal face.

I may not be able to post again until next week.  
But if I do get an opportunity to share another occurance this week, I will. 

I really hope, hope, hope that Ash and Britt cooperate.  Wish me luck.


Becca said...

okay I LOVE love love love love you quote. definitely writing that one down. and possibly using it in a post. such a great quote!

and PS I admire you for staying at home. good job, girlie!


Heather said...

Oh... wow! Camping... Good luck!! Can't wait to hear about it.

By the way, I love the spaghetti face in frames idea you left on my blog. Thanks!