Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today I Put Together Some Valentines.

Spoiler Alert for family members!  This is about your valentines!

I saw a LOT of blog posts about Valentine's Day while I ws reading this morning, and they reminded me that I've only got 5 days left to get and hearts and lovey stuff put together.  So - I got on it, stat. 

I pulled out the valentine's day bucket and found my heart cookie cutter.  Then I got to work using unopened play-doh I had on hand.  So I saved myself some mixing and stirring.  So cute!

Then I used my kids finger as paint brushes.  Ash thought it was cool.  Britt was only mesmerized for about half the time.  So her bunnies have rather squiggly ears!  :) 

Lastly, I rounded up a package of cute pencils, I purchased during a back-to-school sale, and put them to good use.  Such a fun, inexpensive valentine!

What have you been doing with red & pink paper, cupid stickers, heart doilies, and the like?


MommyMert said...

We have been doing Valentines day here too... LOVE IT! One of my FAVORITE holidays. So cute! Alexa keeps making them for anyone she can think of, even my Sisters dog. :)

KBoo said...

I wish I had been more creative. We did some fun valentine's but it revolves around candy, and LOTS of it. Bug was absolutely loving it, until I told him he couldn't sample any more chocolate.

Redbabe said...

they are so sweet.... nice. i like. but i am not making any of them :p