Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today I Combed Ash's Hair.

Ash was born bald.  A total surprise since both Tony and I had tons of hair when we were born.  Britt was more like we were expecting.  :)

Hair at Birth
(newborn Ash)

When her hair finally did start filling in, it was (originally) only on top.  My dad called it her fertilizer strip.  Hahaha! 

Hair at 5.5 months
(5.5 months)

The rest of the photos show her progress as she grew.  Once the rest of Ash's hair started growing, the top was quite long and it grew at the same pace as the rest.  So I had to keep it pulled back.

Hair at 9.5 months
(9.5 months)

Hair at 15 months
(15 months)

Hair at a year and a half
(19.5 months)

Not a whole lot has changed.  If I don't do Ash's hair, it hangs in her face.  It's never been cut.  :)

Where Are You Ash
(today as a rambunctious 2 year old)

Side Pony Sweetie
(rockin' the side pony)

So much fun!


Vicky said...

Such cute photos. Ash's got a lovely head of hair now.
Baylie's is still all wispy babyish at the back and shes nearly 4!. x

KBoo said...

Star had this annoying hair bit that hung in her face for the longest time. Course, she didn't have any hair until she was a year old. I remember being so happy when I could finally do a tiny pigtail on the top of her head. It was less than an inch tall, haha!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Ash is so adorable as a baby, and more adorable as a little girl. I so love the side pony and her cutest smile.
You know I can braid, that before I had kids, I planned to have little girls and have their hair long so I can braid their hairs. UGH! Girls hairs,... makes me ache I don't have a baby girl. But I love my boys,... I just don't like that I can't braid their hair, well I could but, can't put feathery pink ribbons on them... UGH!

alissa4illustration said...

I love her hair. Even if it has to be done everyday. I waited to cut Isaak's hair, and my oldest sister was on me like crazy because he had what she called "girl hair". It wasn't that long. I love the feel of baby soft hair. Once you cut it, that soft silky feel in your hands goes away.