Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today I Went Walking.

I took the girls.  We had to get all bundled up because the past couple of days, and today, have been frigid. 

Meaning, it's 40 degrees!  To me that is quite cold.  To my sister, who lives in the Midwest, that is warm.  Heck, to my sister 30 degrees is weather in which to go coat-less!  I guess temperature is relative. 

Britt didn't really enjoy our fat-blasting walk leisurely stroll.  Britt doesn't really relish anything that involves being restrained or sitting on her tush.  She finally got tired of complaining about it and fell asleep.  Ash had fun pointing out the birds and horse we saw, but 3/4s of the way through our walk she started to repeatedly ask to go home.  **laugh**

By the way, pushing 40-ish pounds of babies and stroller is quite winding. 


alissa4illustration said...

Where you're at it is warm! I live in Omaha, Nebraska. COLD HERE!

Myrnie said...

Go you!! It was 27 when the husband left for work this morning...brrr!

Vicky said...

You're a little chiller than us.
But a bit of fresh air does everyone good... especially when it put little ones to sleep. x

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Ha! I checked our temp in F for sharing on Monday...it was -20F here!!! But today it's supposed to be above freezing.......go figure!

Meg said...

40 degrees sounds nice right now. Yesterday it was in the teens here!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

I like seeing siblings together and pointing our their similarities. And can't help but notice, how Brit's and Ash's noses are so alike, or maybe because they are just both red by the cold.
I find pushing less than 40-ish pounds of babies and stroller quite ... tiring!
Thanks for sharing your good times!

Saimi said...

Ah what a brave girl you are!! Yeah, I'm a warm weather person myself so walking in the freezing weather just doesn't happen for me HA!!

Your girls are so cute!!!

Faith said...

ahhh, what i would do for 40 degrees right now .. i will def. be coatless! :)

your girls are too cute!