Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today I Took My Kids Out to Play In the Snow.

It doesn't snow here very often and when it does, it is usually just a dusting.  Well, we got our second snow this winter (the last one was terrible!) and it dumped AGAIN!. 

It was Britt's first time playing in the snow and she really enjoyed it. 

Until she fell face first into the cold, fluffy, wet stuff. 

Then she was mad and sad and wouldn't stop crying until I took her inside and took of  her snowsuit, hat, boots, and mittens. 

Then she was fine again. 


At least Ash had a good time playing outside several times today.

Snow Babies
(my snow babies.  they're making rather funky faces, but aren't their snowsuits so fun?)

Sad Snow Baby
(sad baby after getting picked up out of the snow)


MommyMert said...

The matching suits are very cute. I just woke up to quite a few inches as well, thinking maybe I will take the kids sledding. :) Makes for worse traffic where you are. Excited for your new siblings. Hey.. I got a ticket to fly into Seatac its in April. I wont have a car, but maybe you can come to my sisters to visit? She is living in Tacoma/Federal Way. If not, no big deal. Its only a 2 day visit. :( But my kiddos will be in Utah. We will be back for the 4th of July too.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Oh, their matching floral pink snowsuits are so CUTE! Baby Brit is especially so adorable with the hood on even though she is looking not so happy.

Myrnie said...

Super cute suits!

MsBabyPlan said...

That's very nice activity :).

tattytiara said...

I get mad and sad when I fall in the snow too, and I'm pretty sure it's only the knowledge that tears freeze that keeps me from crying!

alissa4illustration said...

They are so cute! Do you even get a chance to put them in their snow suits much if it barely snows there?

Where do you live?

Redbabe said...

Their snowsuit totally ROCKS!!! It would be picture perfect if mommi have one too! hahaha