Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today I Babied My Baby.

Britt isn't going to be my baby much longer and she's getting some new molars so I babied her a lot today.  Those mean teeth are hurting her a lot and have caused a yucky cold too.  She keeps crying and saying, "my nose!" over and over.

I was pretty amazed when I went into the girls' room this morning to discover Ash on the floor, surrounded by a million dolls and Britt ASLEEP!  This is the kid who wakes up at least a full hour before me, yells for her sister to get up and give her toys and then plays in her bed until I go in and get her. 

She had been awake and played and taken off her pajamas, but obviously doesn't feel well.  Hence, her crashing again.  She also took an extra long nap this afternoon.  AND she's gone straight to sleep tonight.  I'm sorry she doesn't feel well, but I'm enjoying all this extra quiet time!  :)  Britt just doesn't, generally, need the amount of sleep that her sister did/does.  Ash totally spoiled me in the sleeping department.  She's always been a dream in that area. 

Poor Baby - Molars
(this is the best pic i could get.  didn't want the flash to wake her.  this pic also shows how she likes sleeping with her blanket best.  over her shoulders like a cape.  tony thinks she dreams of being a super hero.)

It's going to be very interesting to see how my current baby (Britt) reacts to being moved to middle child status.  To be honest, I think getting used to a new baby will be easier for her than for Ash (who is going through a rough phase right now anyway).  But, we'll see!  Ash had a hard week after Britt first came home and then quickly adjusted with no issues.  But every kid is different. 


Amy said...

When I saw this post, I thought you had the baby! I thought, whoa, she's really on top of things!

All I can say is best of luck with all the adjustments. :)

Faith said...

i hope that she feels better soon. especially before baby gets here.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

I feel for Baby Brit, not feeling so well, but she's turning to be a big sister very soon. I hope all your three girls and all the babies you'll have in the future will all get along well. :)

My Journey With Candida said...

I bet both of your girls will do fine with the new baby. The older one will probably be a lot of help to you.

alissa apel said...

Poor baby/almost middle child! I hope those molars come in oh so soon!!! I HATE when they are in pain. But I know what you mean about extra sleep being nice.

Mica wanted nothing to do with Isaak when he was born, but my nephews were the opposite. I think Isaak would be a better big brother possibly. He is more nurturing.

I was horrible when my Mom was prego with my little sister! I hit babysitters with sticks that came with my blocks. I was jealous because I knew they were away at birthing classes. Than when she came, I was a big help {so my mom says}.

Mica's always slept better than Isaak. They are both pretty good compared to stories I hear on Super Nanny!

I hope your baby/baby comes soon. I hope your middle baby gets better soon. Poor little Britt!

mun said...

I hope Britt is feeling better now.