Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today I Stayed Home. Again.

We got majorly snowed in yesterday and I canceled my trip to the midwife.  I re-scheduled for today because it was supposed to be back to our normal winter temps.  I woke up to ice.  It was seriously raining ice!  I canceled again.   I didn't want to drive in it!  Based on what I'm seeing in the news, it has been a royal mess with a lot of accidents and power outages.  We've been blessed/lucky.  Lots of flickering with one 15 second loss of power and that's all.  I stayed indoors and let Tony take care of the girls while I worked on a present for my newest nephew. 

(a small part of my project)

14 of 365
(my adorable month-old nephew)

(my brother, sam, thought he might shoot some hoops, but everything outside is frozen solid!)


Rachel said...

Wow. That hoop picture is amazing! I have never seen anything like that before! I hope things clear up for you soon, especially before your baby comes!

Amy said...

I've been thinking about my PNW friends every time I watch the weather report. I hope everyone's ok!!
How about sending some rain down to Arizona! We'll take it off your hands!

My Journey With Candida said...

Can't wait to see your completed project. Looks really cute so far.

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh look at that frozen basketball! Yeah, sorry about ice, that is a bad deal, we just got the snow...lots of it!

alissa apel said...

Such a cute baby and project!!!

I don't blame you for staying in!

The hoop shot is fun. When the snow melts, it will fall and bounce somewhere out there. It's very cold here. Right now it's 5 degrees and 10- with windchill. No snow, but talk of it.

I thought about the name Sam for one of our boys. It was on our list. I have a Aunt named Sandra and for some reason we always called her Aunt Sam.

mun said...

It must be really, really cold for the ball to be frozen in the hoop. Hope the weather improves soon for you!