Monday, January 2, 2012

Today I Just Had Fun.

First zoo trip of the year - 1
(ash at the zoo entrance)

I didn't use today as catch-up (though part of me wanted to).  Can't take the tree down until Amazon finally delivers our tree bag (the original box died this last year).  Tony had the day off so we decided to take the girls to the zoo because Ash has been asking to "see the animals" for weeks now and the closer we get to the 20th, the less likely we'll be able to just go on spontaneous outings. 

(the crazy-eyed tiger)
We took the zoo very slowly so that I wouldn't put myself into labor and it worked out well since the girls liked lingering over most of the animals.  It was kinda funny because I felt like we were on display a bit too.  So many of the animals came up to the glass to inspect us like we were the zoo instead!  It was pretty cool. 

(coming up to inspect me - so glad there was solid glass between us!)

We also had lunch and a Target run.

(the walrus hung out, staring at us, for a long time!)

In the evening we had dinner at a friend's house and I stayed late to chat and we worked on our latest sewing projects together. 

(i just thought this was so cool.  the whole zoo was still completely covered with holiday lights because yesterday was their last day of the season for zoo lights.  kinda made me sad that we decided not to go this  last year.)

A good day.  :)

First zoo trip of the year - 2
(tony has just said, "look at mommy" and she did.)


mun said...

What a nice visit to the zoo!

The Evans said...

Point Defiance? We love that zoo! And the lights are awesome, so fun for the kids.

Faith said...

looks like so much fun! the perfect family trip!

i just love seeing pictures of your girls! they are so adorable!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Whoa...those are some crazy eyes on that tiger!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

I just love the last photo, Daddy and Brit!

alissa apel said...

Travis (my husband) took the boys to the zoo last week. It's so fun!

The walrus looks so odd close up!